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WurlD for the World — MEN’S FASHION POST

 What’s the greatest distinction between WurlD and Sadiq Onifade? 

What an excellent query ! I consider Sadiq Onifade is the songwriter/producer/creator behind the scenes and WurlD is the artist/model.

 Inform me about your hometown? How are your roots a part of who you might be, particularly in your music?

My household hometown is Ogun State, Nigeria however I used to be born and raised in Lagos. Lagos is gorgeous, gritty, quick, intense and has a number of the most resilient individuals you’ll ever meet around the globe. The vitality in Lagos is like no different place I’ve lived in. Lagos formed me to be resilient and devoted to the music I do and I solely attempt to achieve success at it.

 What’s a false impression that some may need of you?

I consider it’s being African within the music business. Folks routinely suppose all I do is Afrobeat till they hearken to my music and observe the vary in my sound total. I’m an African-born artist making world music. 



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