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The Energy of Consciousness, Gold, Myrrh, and The 4 Components in Style

On this submit, I’m going to be sharing with you quotes from one in every of my favourite books, “Pearls of Knowledge” by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. These quotes particularly and symbolically discuss style. The quotes I’m quoting from the ebook should not full quotes. I’ve omitted phrases from the quotes. I clarify intimately what these quotes imply in regard to wholesome style.

There are 4 particular ideas of style that the quotes are about: style and acutely aware consciousness, style and religious safety, style and the 4 parts (religious alchemy), style and wonder (religious jewellery and fragrance), and style and crystals (equipment). We are able to use style for power, mindfulness, stability, and self-care.

I just lately learn “Pearls of Knowledge”, and I famous among the quotes in my pocket book as a result of aside from the library ebook, I couldn’t discover it in print elsewhere. I might solely discover it within the library, so I wished to verify I took notes. You could possibly discover it on the web, however it’s a dictation ebook from 1976, and it’s known as “Pearls of Knowledge” by Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Prophet. The ebook is on the Central San Diego Library if you wish to learn it. “Pearls of Knowledge, Malibu, Calif. : Summit Univ. Pr., 1977.

I can not discover the precise ebook on-line, if you’re , you may go try the writer’s different books Summit Lighthouse is promoting. Religious Books by Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet Each Elizabeth and Mark Prophet are not dwelling. Mark Prophet has printed 108+ books, and they’re proven on Goodreads! Elizabeth Prophet has 239 books proven on Goodreads! These books expose the secrets and techniques of the universe. I’ve identified about their work for years and I simply lastly began studying their books.

One factor I observed of their ebook is that they not directly discuss lots about style they usually use phrases like “put on, cloak, and garment.” The ebook is a religious ebook. There are a couple of particular quotes (others that I’ll finally discuss in future weblog posts).

I wished to say Elizabeth Clare Prophet was a style icon. For those who google seek for her identify and look via the pictures, you may see that her outfits had been fashionable but in addition religious too.

The three books by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet that I’ve learn are:

  • The Soulless One: Cloning A Counterfeit Creation by Mark Prophet

  • Pearls of Knowledge by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet

  • Corona Class Classes by Elizabeth Prophet

A few of these quotes I’ve listed beneath are symbolic; they don’t particularly discuss style, but they use style and wonder phrases.

The 5 quotes I might be mentioning are about

  • Style and acutely aware consciousness

  • Style and religious safety

  • Style and the 4 parts (religious alchemy)

  • Style and wonder (religious jewellery and fragrance)

  • Style and crystals (equipment)

I’ve chosen to speak about these particular quotes from Elizabeth and Mark Prophet’s ebook as a result of they present that style is far deeper than how we’re presently perceiving style. For individuals who dwell an particularly religious life-style, these quotes are positively going to be one thing you are all in favour of. In an effort to develop our wardrobes and to ensure that corporations to grow to be extra wholesome, we’ve to have a look at our fashions in a religious means.

The 5 quotes from Pearls of Knowledge

Style and acutely aware consciousness

“…all is of fact and there has not been a wrinkle upon the garment of being, of consciousness…” – Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Knowledge

This quote is extra symbolic, but it talks about consciousness. Having wrinkle-free garments is a logo of purity. (That is symbolic; nonetheless, I really feel wrinkles in clothes are pure.) But the attention of our being is pure and wrinkle-free. I believe that could be a stunning quote.

I personally haven’t at all times been awake. I’m nonetheless not at all times acutely aware. However, I do know I can use style to grow to be extra awake. I can use style as a software to assist me remember.

Style and religious safety

“…your individual beloved I AM presence strolling the earth within the temple which you put on? – Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Knowledge

This quote can also be symbolic as a result of “the temple which you put on”, might imply a number of issues. It might imply we’re carrying the I AM presence, and the human physique may be the temple, in addition to the clothes that we put on might be the temple. I imagine the “temple which you put on” is religious safety. For instance, in historical occasions in Europe, they’d design clothes to mimic the temples and church buildings, and this was as a result of they wished to seal the sunshine power inside their our bodies. While you go to the church, or “temple,” it is filled with gentle, and the temple is the safety, sealing within the gentle inside the church.

Style and the 4 parts (Religious Alchemy)

“…you’ve gotten grow to be air, fireplace, water, and earth, and there was the alchemical decision…” -Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Knowledge

I discuss style and the 4 parts: fireplace, air, water, and earth in my ebook Wholesome Style. I’ve stated that there’s particular alchemy after we gown within the 4 parts, and this quote, says that there’s a 4 aspect “alchemical decision” when “we’ve grow to be air, fireplace, water, and earth”. I do not particularly say in my ebook Wholesome Style—that we’ll grow to be air, fireplace, and water, earth, however I do say that carrying 4 aspect clothes represents changing into air, fireplace, water, and earth for religious alchemy. That is actually attention-grabbing and the way we’ve to “grow to be” air, fireplace, water, and earth, and I agree. I believe our 5 our bodies (psychological, bodily, emotional, energetic, and religious) should grow to be the 4 parts, and clothes is part of that.

Style and wonder (religious jewellery and fragrance)

“…the third eye and the crown with gold and frankincense and myrrh…” – Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Knowledge

This quote particularly talks about gold and frankincense and myrrh serving to the power physique with the chakras; the third eye, throat chakra, crown chakra, and many others. I like the concept of utilizing important oils for perfumes as an alternative of chemical perfumes.

Perfumes and fragrances are a robust a part of style. Myrrh is a medicinal herb and is used as a fragrance. Aromatherapy and herbalism are necessary components of wholesome style. Gold is thought to assist heal wounds and infections. You possibly can put on frankincense and myrrh important oils, and/or you may burn the incense in your clothes. Kinds of metals like gold assist the physique and have therapeutic properties. Gold can also be utilized in cosmetics, for pores and skin, and for anti-aging.

Style and crystal equipment

“… ship forth the sapphire of sunshine, ship forth the amethyst crystal…” -Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, Pearls of Knowledge

This quote speaks in regards to the human physique beaming with crystal power gentle and utilizing this crystal power like a beam that goes forth and helps to heal the planet and different people. Carrying crystals, whether or not it’s jewellery, added to textile pigments and threads and materials, or worn as an adjunct, is wholesome style. Jewellery and gem stones are power drugs they usually assist with the 5 our bodies: the psychological physique, the bodily physique, the emotional physique, the religious physique, and the energetic physique.

There’s an alternate therapeutic and holistic remedy known as crystal therapeutic or crystal remedy. To cleanse crystals, put them in a bowl of sea salt for a couple of minutes. I discovered about that from Hanna Kroeger’s ebook, “Seven Religious Causes of Unwell Well being.” It actually works in a short time and is simpler than placing it in water, digging and placing it below the soil, or below the moonlight, however these are additionally different nice methods to cleanse crystals.

Last Be aware

We want extra wholesome, artistic, holy religious style. We want extra acutely aware consciousness in regard to how we understand clothes. We have to put on the earth’s parts to create religious “alchemy”. We have to put on the weather of the earth, gold, herbs, and crystals. We have to be spiritually protected and know that our clothes are defending us. Our temple and our clothes are a part of the temple too.

A part of my plans and targets for the wholesome style marketing campaign is to speak about style in a religious means. I need the business to have the ability to market style in a extra religious means as properly. I need style customers to put on “religious” style. After we understand style in a religious means, we’re activating the consciousness of style and the consciousness of religious style.

It’s a part of religious therapeutic to put on these wholesome fashions and use wholesome magnificence merchandise. As an power healer and style entrepreneur, I acknowledge that style has grow to be extra religious and holistic, and I think about myself a wholesome style practitioner. A part of the answer to creating the style business more healthy is to supply religious style and activate the consciousness of religious style.

In case you are all in favour of spirituality, I like to recommend Pearls of Knowledge. It won’t be in print anymore, however they’ve one other ebook known as Pearls of Knowledge that could be the identical or comparable: Pearls of Knowledge: Teachings of the Ascended Masters Dictated to the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.

In case you are all in favour of studying extra articles about style and spirituality, try this text: “How Can Fashionable Style Companies Be Extra Religious?



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