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From Stage to On-Display with Juan Castano — MEN’S FASHION POST

How has the adjustment been acting on What If and Tales of the Metropolis?

Tv and movie are such a structured medium, however other than understanding that, my job just about stays the identical.

How did you faucet into the feelings essential to play two very sophisticated characters on What If and Tales of the Metropolis? How have you ever been capable of determine with characters which might be so completely different from you?

I simply attempt to bridge the hole. How are these folks like me? I search for that. The backbone of the character. After getting that, you’ll be able to’t make a mistake.

What has been probably the most difficult facet of your profession?

I feel appearing has served as a mirror for who I’m. It displays again to me my strengths and weaknesses. If I would like one thing in my artwork, I’ve to domesticate it in my private life first. That is not at all times enjoyable.



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